Infection Prevention in Aging Research Group

Past Research Team Members

Jie Cao

2014 School of Public Health CHIP intern

“Antibiotic resistant organisms on patient hands: Should we refrain from handshaking?”

Ms. Cao wanted to determine patient hand carriage of antibiotic resistant organisms in post-acute care facilities in an effort to improve patient hand hygiene and explore alternative means of greeting people.


Diana Hammer, LPN

Research Associate

Ms. Hammer has many years of clinical experience in long-term care and home care, and infectious disease research coordination. She assisted with study field work.

Amanda Horcher

2013 School of Public Health CHIP intern

“Characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii colonization in nursing home residents with indwelling devices”.

Acinetobacter baumannii is no longer a pathogen limited to intensive care units. Skilled nursing facilities and longterm-care facilities have both seen a rise in incidence of A. baumannii, as many of the residents are older and require use of an indwelling device. Ms. Horcher, an MPH candidate, is evaluating the risk factors for A. baumannii colonization in sub-acute care facilities.

Claire Hannemann

2012 School of Public Health CHIP intern

“Quinolone usage and ciprofloxacin resistance in long term care facilities of Southeast Michigan”.

Ms. Hannemann, an MPH candidate, examined the correlation between quinolone usage and ciprofloxacin resistance in long term care facilities.

Katherine Hamaoui

2012 School of Public Health CHIP intern

“Perception of hand hygiene amongst healthcare workers in long term care settings”.

Ms. Hamaoui, an MPH candidate, was interested in healthcare workers’ opinions and perceptions surrounding hand hygiene. She looked at hand hygiene perceptions related to low risk activities such as, casual contact with the residents, including, checking vitals, shaking hands, giving hugs, as well as everyday environmental contact, including, answering call lights, adjusting bed rails, and transfers.