Infection Prevention in Aging Research Group

Current Projects

Targeted Infection Prevention (TIP) Program to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance and Infections in Nursing Home Residents with Indwelling Devices

Antimicrobial resistance among common bacteria are adversely affecting the clinical course and exponentially increasing healthcare costs. This cluster randomized trial involved 12 nursing homes (NHs) will evaluate a novel focused approach between ‘do nothing’ and ‘search all and destroy’ strategies by targeting a subgroup of NH residents with indwelling devices who are high-risk for acquiring multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and infections. Our multi-component TIP intervention includes: pre-emptive enhanced barrier precautions; active surveillance for infections and MDRO colonization to identify asymptomatic MDRO carriage with dissemination of results to clinical staff and administration; a hand hygiene promotion program; and a structured educational program for healthcare workers. Our results will allow infection control practitioners, healthcare workers, clinicians, policy makers, and consumers to better address antimicrobial resistance and infections in older adults in NHs.

Project started May 2010, subject enrollment and follow-up concluded in 2013. Several implementation tools have resulted from this project. A sample of these can be found below, and the full toolkit can be found at:

Key interactive activities from the Toolkit: